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  1. 5% off

    Edelrid Agent Large Chest Harness

    By Edelrid

    Rs 3,420

    Regular Price: Rs 3,600

    In stock

    • CE marking: CE 0123
    • Certification: EN 12277 Type D
    • Size: Large
    • Weight: 225 g

  2. 10% off

    IBS Safety Belt Half Body Harness

    By IBS

    Rs 2,700

    Regular Price: Rs 3,000

    In stock

    • Comfortable and Light weight.
    • One High Strength Light Weight D-Ring at waist (front) level.

  3. 5% off

    Edelrid Fraggle II Kids Harness

    By Edelrid

    Rs 4,985

    Regular Price: Rs 5,250

    In stock

    • Full Body Harness with Padding.
    • Suitable for kids up to 40 Kg.
    • Waist max: 55 Cm
    • W...

  4. 5% off

    Edelrid Jay III Harness

    By Edelrid

    Rs 4,700

    Regular Price: Rs 4,950

    In stock

    • CE marking: CE 0123
    • Country of origin: Vietnam
    • Certification: EN 12277 Typ C
    • Weig...

  5. 5% off

    Petzl Corax Harness

    By Petzl

    Rs 4,845

    Regular Price: Rs 5,100

    In stock

    SIZE 1:
    •Waist belt: 65-96 cm
    •Leg loops: 48,5-59 cm
    •Weight: 490 g


  6. 5% off

    Vertical Techno Harness

    By Vertical

    Rs 2,850

    Regular Price: Rs 3,000

    In stock

    • Wide lining on waist and leg straps for more comfort.
    • Two loops for attaching additional equipment.

  7. 5% off

    Edelrid Core Plus Tripple Lock Harness - S-XL

    By Edelrid

    Rs 20,805

    Regular Price: Rs 21,900

    In stock

    • Material(s): Nylon, Polyester, Aluminum, Steel
    • Waist belt: 75-125 cm
    • Leg loops: 45-75 cm

  8. 5% off

    Petzl Gym Harness

    By Petzl

    Rs 3,515

    Regular Price: Rs 3,700

    In stock
    • Color(s): Brown/gray • Waist Belt: 60-101 cm • Leg Loop Max.: 67 cm • Weight: 390 g • Material(s): Polyester and Dyneema®...
  9. 10% off

    IBS Safety Belt Kits Harness

    By IBS

    Rs 1,350

    Regular Price: Rs 1,500

    In stock

    • Made out of high strength polyester webbing;
    • Front loop for attachment
    • Stainless Steel: Buckl...

  10. 5% off

    Edelrid Solid Komplettgurt Harness

    By Edelrid

    Rs 6,410

    Regular Price: Rs 6,750

    In stock

    • Full body harness with a classic design
    • Waist max.: 110 cm
    • Waist min.: 80 cm
    • Leg ...

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Full Body & Climbing Safety Harness Belt

Any adventurous activity demands that special attention be paid to the safety measures involved. No matter what activity one participates in, it is always advisable to have safety plans in place before setting out on the action. A safety harness is one such equipment that is an essential part of any adventurous activity. The equipment is designed in such a way that it protects person from potential damage or harm. The climbing harness is used in cases where there is any form of climbing involved, be it rock climbing, mountaineering, façade cleaning or scaffolding tasks.

The basic formation of a harness involves its attachment to a stationary and a non-stationary object. The texture of a full body harness is mainly in the form of a rope, webbing, or cable. Nowadays, many new forms of the equipment are available in the market including the shock absorbing ones that monitor deceleration, for example in the case of bungee jumping when the shock absorbent of the harness regulates the motion when the end of the rope is reached towards the end of the fall. Most countries update the safety standards and regulations for safety harness belts every four to five years to ensure the latest safety measures.