Why you need Waterproof shoes for Trekking?

For many travel enthusiasts, staying active during the fall or winter months is a requirement, but this can come across as a challenge to some. In case the scarcity of sunlight is not enough, rain and snow can put a real damper on keeping up with your exercise goals. It can be challenging to stay motivated during the dark, stormy climate in comparison to the bright, sunny days and comfortable weather conditions.

It seems like during these cold, wet months, every outdoor activity requires special equipment. You may want to indulge in outdoor activities, but without proper gears, it may leave you feeling cold and achy. The right gear makes all the difference to a fun, energetic, and comfortable activity.

Waterproof Shoes can be your best friend in this case. There is no need to suffer in wet shoes conditions, rather opt for a waterproof, breathable shoes for an enjoyable experience. Whether you want to talk a walk, run, hike or trek during this period, wearing a waterproof shoe – such as Lowa shoes – will keep your feet warm, cozy, and dry. 


Waterproof shoes for trekking are a no brainer when on a rainy or snow trek. Here are some benefits of wearing waterproof shoes to stay active this fall and winter season:

Keep your feet dry: This is the most important feature of a waterproof shoe, to keep your feet dry. The lightweight Gore-Tex lining prevents water from entering the shoe and soaking your feet. Having wet feet would surely be the last thing in your list when outdoors for a trek. It is both uncomfortable and unhealthy for you, hence it is necessary to have dry feet during your trek especially during fall or winter season.

Blister-free feet: When your feet are wet, it increases the possibility of blisters. Hence, wearing waterproof and breathable shoes allows vapor from your sweat to evaporate and lets your feet to stay dry and comfortable. Breathable waterproof shoes for trekking is a need of the hour, they are high in demand for some reason.

Prevent cold feet: When the temperature drops and your feet are wet, the chances are high to get cold, which can be very uncomfortable during the hike or trek. Wearing a waterproof shoe works best to keep your feet warm and dry. This lets you experience outdoors without worrying about the discomfort or illness.

Combat the unruly elements with ease: With Waterproof trekking shoes, you would not hesitate to jump in and splash around the puddles during rains and even in winters to avoid frostbite as they will keep your feet dry and comfortable. You need not to jump from one rock to another to traverse through some streams.

Wade through ankle-deep streams: The inner padding and ankle design of a good waterproof trekking shoes can help you cross shallow streams or bogs confidently. The shoes let you explore more at ease with comfort.


Most noteworthy, waterproof, and breathable trekking shoes can allow you to have a comfortable and fun experience outdoors. Seek for features like Gore-Tex lining, Vibram sole, waterproofing with breathability, inner padding, and ankle design in your shoes to avoid wet or clammy feet. You can end your search here, LOWA is recognized as one of the best in trekking and outdoor shoes. It produces and distributes high-quality footwear for backpacking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, hiking, trekking, etc. They are said to be phenomenally comfortable, supportive, and cushioned. This light-weight footwear is designed to take active people anywhere they would like to go. Their trekking shoes are designed as per the demanding routes on off beaten tracks. They approach to offer optimal fit and maximum comfort.


Choosing the right hiking boot is no less than a matchmaking process. There are a lot of options available in the market. Find the one that aligns with your needs, components and fits you well. LOWA provides a great range of trekking shoes to choose from, according to your needs. Some of the available options by this brand includes:

Pinto GTX MIDThis high-quality Lowa Pinto GTX MID Trekking shoes are made up of smooth leather and have a Gore-Tex inner lining, which makes it completely waterproof and is best for outdoor activities during fall or winter months. These lightweight pair shoes are equipped with Vibram® Trac® Lite II sole to offer maximum comfort during your hike or trek. 

Vantage GTX MID: The Vantage GTX MID trekking shoes can prove as a perfect trekking partner, designed with a durable suede fabric from the outside and waterproof Gore-Tex inner lining. This provides a high-level protection from nasty weather conditions and fits in easily due to its comfortable Vibram® Trac® Lite II sole.

Renegade GTX MIDThere is a good reason behind honoring the Renegade with the Hall of Fame award by Backpacker Magazine. The Renegade GTX MID trekking shoes are known for their fit and comfort. With its Nubuck leather outing, Gore-Tex lining, and awesome midsole construction, it can hands-down emerge as the best waterproof trekking shoes. Some of the additional features that make this shoe stand out include open and closed hooks, MONOWRAP® Support Frame, ATC Footbed insole, Double Injection DuraPU® midsole, VIBRAM® EVO sole to offer durability, stability, and traction.


Now that you know about the importance of waterproof shoes for trekking, invest in a good one. LOWA is offering a great variety of such shoes offering great durability, stability, and comfort as per your needs. It is easy to find a trekking shoe but finding the perfect trekking shoes is much harder. LOWA makes this task easier for you, just choose from the range and enjoy outdoors even during nasty weather like never.


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