Whether to Buy or to Rent Climbing Gears for Indoor Climbing

In today’s era of fitness, climbing as an activity has emerged substantially due to its inherent quality to train a person both physically & mentally. Initially started as an outdoor recreational activity which was usually carried out in the rocks or natural structure is now being made available within indoors too. With the help of artificial climbing walls devised in climbing gyms, one is offered same benefits of climbing as in outdoors and in much more controlled environment with increased safety. However, one is required to use the same climbing gears to simulate the same experience.

The activity has also gained popularity in form of competitive sports with different formats like Lead climbing, Top Rope Climbing, Speed climbing & Bouldering. With the sport being liked by many, climbing would make its debut in 2020 Tokyo Olympics setting the new standards for the aspiring climbers. Due to this popularity of climbing and the numerous benefits it offers, people have started taking it up as a fitness regime. Many climbing gyms do offer these climbing formats indoors with an exuberant experience. But a question that many climbing enthusiasts have to face is whether to Buy or to Rent the climbing gears?


Buy vs Rent Economics

Now to reach a decision whether to rent or to buy, we would initially need to make an assumption which is “a person would climb atleast 2 days per week”. Two essential gears that climbers do take on rent are harness & climbing shoes. On an average, the daily rent charged by climbing gyms for the same are as follows:

Climbing Harness – Rs. 50 per day

Climbing Shoes – Rs. 80 per day

So for a yearlong climbing activity, one would have to pay:-

Climbing Harness – Rs. 5,200      [50 x 2 (no .of days/week) x 52 (weeks in a year)]

Climbing Shoes – Rs. 8,320         [80 x 2 (no .of days/week) x 52 (weeks in a year)]


And as per current market pricing, a certified climbing harness is available for buying at Rs. 5,000 from world renowned brands like Edelrid & Petzl whereas a good pair of intermediate climbing shoe is available for Rs. 8,000 from Red Chili. Also, the gears mentioned above usually comes with a useful economic life of 2-3 years (depending on the usage & care).

Hence considering that a person would pursue climbing for a year atleast & the calculation done, it’s always better to Buy climbing gears rather to Rent as it would help save some money and to get hold of some quality personal climbing gears which are obviously better than the rented one.


Must have Personal Climbing Gears

Some of the essential climbing gears that every climber must possess are as follows:

Climbing Harness – an EN/UIAA certified padded harness with adjustable leg loops for better fit

Climbing Shoes – a comfortable & ventilated pair of climbing shoes be it laced or velcro strap but should definitely offer appropriate grip to climber

Chalk Bag – a waist chalk bag for carrying chalk during the climb

Chalk Ball/Powder – either a chalk ball or loose chalk powder for removing dry sweat/moisture from hands and increasing grip on holds


We hope you won’t get stuck on any climbing hold with this question now. Enjoy your next climb with your personal climbing gears!