Trekking Checklist: Must have Gears for Treks

Trekking, as specified in a dictionary is the process of going on a long arduous journey on foot. It is one of the most opted pursuits amongst adventure travellers. As daunting this may sound but there are a bunch of trekkers, hikers and backpackers always pumped up to discover the undiscovered, or simply to get away from the mundane.

Are you one of those who have been scrolling through images of snowcapped mountains, and visualising a walk through beautiful meadows and lush greens around. The photos do not do justice to the adrenaline rush running into your veins, but you are unsure about taking that first step towards planning for the trek. You need not worry; this blog will surely help you with all the required information regarding trekking and gears required to be completely prepared. So let us get started:

To trek anywhere in the world the basic task is to walk, but be aware that this is unlike any normal walking like in a park. The circumstances are different when we talking about high-altitudes. Therefore it is suggested for you to prepare adequately to avoid any surprises during the trek. It is better in saying that you scale the mountains with nothing but just a song in your heart and a pocket full of dreams.

Depending upon the length you plan, weather conditions and the difficulty level of the trek prepare yourself well. Various types of treks can be easy, moderate and hard based on the number of days and its terrain. Train yourself well before planning for an adventure; build stamina, add cardio into your daily regime concentrating more on legs. Other things to be kept in mind is to keep some extra days to acclimatize if going for high-altitude destinations, consider trekking essentials, pack a light backpack, take layered clothing, good trekking shoes, sleeping bag, trekking pole, be mindful about your pace, keep re-fueling your body, and do not litter.

Let us face the fact that Trekking is hard work, without at least some pre-trip training or good basic level of fitness. Most noteworthy, it is important to prepare well for the trek, create a checklist with the trekking essentials for the same. Here is a list of the most important trekking gears that should be carried while going for a trek:

Trekking gears Checklist - Adventure Gears

Backpack: This is one of the crucial trekking gears on your trek as you have to carry it on your back. It should be robust to bear the hard surroundings as you will be traversing with it. The size of the backpack is also very important, it will depend on the length and type of trek. The backpack should have comfortable padding for back and shoulder to ease your journey. The pockets/zippers should be such that various items can be arranged in the best possible manner. 


Sleeping bag:  For a long trek, a sleeping bag is very significant, it helps you spend your nights comfortably in harsh environments. There are 2 basic shapes of Sleeping bags available: Mummy and Rectangular. They vary in comfort and insulation based on their designs. The Rectangular shaped or ‘envelope’ sleeping bag is more comfortable, but lack in heat retention.


Trekking shoes:  To find a good trekking shoe is very significant and the reason is well evident. Comfort and weight of trekking shoes are the most relevant factor in the ease of walking during the trek. The material and the grip of the trekking shoe is equally mattering. 


Trekking pole: While trekking in areas not common to human habitat the routes are treacherous and walking /climbing is challenging. A good, strong and comfortable trekking pole not only provides the essential support but also the necessary grip on difficult surfaces. It also makes the journey less tiring. In snow-capped areas, it provides necessary grip to prevent slipping /tripping 


JacketIf you are trekking on high-altitudes, keeping yourself warm is of foremost interest. Good clothing plays a vital role, the jacket is essential to keep you warm and standing against the cold breeze. Be mindful of the weight and comfort of the jacket, along with its ability to fight against the harsh surroundings.


RainwearDepending on which season you are trekking and the area of your trek, carrying rainwear is suggested to avoid any unwanted surprises. While shopping for rainwear for trekking, keep in mind to consider a few factors such as robustness, light-weight and 100% water-proofing to fight against the harsh weather.


Headlamp/Flashlight: The trails that you discover while trekking is usually not available with all the basic amenities. Trekkers have to be mindful of various trekking essentials while planning the same. Headlamp/flashlight is one such gear, that will surely help you scroll through the dark paths. The locations are remote with no proper supply of electricity, hence these gears come handy.


Filter water bottleIt is suggested to keep re-fueling your body during the long hours of trek. The body needs to be hydrated throughout to be running. But at times availability of clean drinking water can be tough or expensive. Therefore it is suggested to carry filter water bottles. The mountains are full of natural reservoirs of water that can be turned into drinking water.


Some other Trekking Essentials include:

  • First Aid Kit: If you have previous medical conditions do not forget to carry the necessary prescribed medication. It is suggested to consult the doctor before going on a tiresome trek. 
  • Proper Clothing: It is old English saying that ‘cover your head if your feet are cold gentlemen. Be mindful of the clothing to stay warm at high-altitudes, moisture-wicking, prefer layers.
  • Multiutility Knife: There are a lot of tasks that a trekker has to perform during its course of trekking. A Multiutility knife is surely a blessing here to take up a lot of tasks.
  • Sunscreen: With the increase in altitude the sun starts acting harshly too, so remember to carry and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.


Now that you are well-prepared regarding the gears for treks, learn some Trekking Ethics too. You know the mantra “Take only photographs, leave only Footprints”. Respect the local culture, dress appropriately, take permission before snapping photos, be considerate about the hospitality of the locals, they have limited resources. Happy Trekking!!!


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