Get Safe-to-Drink water Anytime-Anywhere on the GO

Are you a trekker, a camper or a backpacker, and passionate about hikes or other expeditions? Have you ever located yourself craving for drinking water in the process? Even if you find a water source along the way, are you convinced to drink it to quench your thirst? We understand your worry about the water being contaminated; this can prove really to be dangerous in some situations.

We all are aware of the water-borne diseases that can be caused due to this. There is an imperative need for safe to drink water in outdoors or during travel. When we seek for some ways that could be used to purify questionable water during your travel, we can think of various filtration items, iodine tablets, or the traditional boiling method. But these methods are not handy, they are time-consuming, tedious, and at times results in bad-tasting water. Surely there are easier options like purchasing mineral water bottles that are easily obtainable at most of the locations around the world. But the sad part is that they are adding to the already living plastic waste, hampering the environment and surely adding to your travel budget.

Considering such situations, it is always the best alternative is to bring along a water purifier bottle with you. A lightweight, flexible and portable water filter bottle is the solution for clean drinking water while you are on the go. This saves you on a lot of time, effort and the energy that goes behind seeking safe drinking water. A potential clue to this enigma can be using a Lifestraw bottle. Carry this water bottle with filter and get safe drinking water anytime, anywhere! The portable water filter bottle removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria & protozoa. It reduces turbidity, does not use iodine, so water is very clean and completely safe to drink.

No matter if you’re trekking out in the wild or simply venturing out in foreign cities, this lightweight water purifier bottle can act as your perfect travel partner. You can perfectly re-use it for the longest time possible. Most noteworthy, it saves you from health issues due to bad drinking water and saves on a lot of money too. Some of the other features of LifeStraw is that it is Tritan BPA free plastic bottle with a carabiner that meets US EPA drinking water standards. Today, LifeStraw has truly become a travel essential, you can’t miss out on it. They are affordable and well-priced with very advanced water filter systems. It comes with many variants as per your needs and requirements.

It is easy to use Lifestraw! They are built true to its name, like a straw. The basic LifeStraw filters are like small steel tubes with a specialized filter inside of them. To drink safe water, simply place one end in the unfiltered liquid; like a river, a puddle, a water bottle, etc. and then just suck the water from the top.

Travellers out on leisure or adventure trips can carry this water bottle with a filter on the go and bother less about drinking water. Lifestraw has you covered.

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