Overcome flashlight battery drain problem with Coleman BatteryLock

Everybody is afraid of getting caught in the dark be it indoors due to situation like power outage or in outdoors majorly due to unavailability of light source. And to avoid any such situation, people do use different gadgets like flashlights, lanterns, headlamps etc. However, flashlights as a light source are the most preferred ones among adventure outdoor travellers for their compactness & portability. But a common problem faced by all is of battery drain while the flashlight is not in use.

With technology evolving day-by-day, the current era is of LED lighting which is preferred by all due to their performance, durability & long usage life. The use of LED has increased the life of the batteries used in flashlights as compared conventional flashlights. However, the batteries still do not offer their best due to the drain that primarily occurs when the flashlight is left unused for a period of time. Hence the light is not available when you need it may after a month or a year. Also, the batteries might sometimes get corroded due to this leakage and damage the flashlight.

The commonly used measures to avoid battery drain or leakage is either by removing batteries from the flashlight or by inserting a piece of plastic between the batteries & the connecting circuit of flashlight. However, the same becomes troublesome & adds up to the difficulty of usage in case of emergency and hence defeating the purpose of the equipment.

Coleman has developed a technology by the name “BatteryLock” which helps in preventing residual battery loss and extending battery life by disengaging the batteries from the electric contacts with the help of a simple twist.


This easy-to-use technology enables flashlights to store battery power for years without being physically removed from them. When disengaged, a red band is visible on the neck of the flashlight for clear indication. With the help of twisting mechanism for engaging & disengaging batteries, one can always be assured of the extended life of the batteries and the flashlight too.



So, we hope you don’t find yourself trapped in the dark anymore. Buy Coleman Flashlights Now!