Is carrying a Poncho for Rain a necessity when Hiking or Trekking?

Mountain weather is usually unpredictable year-round and the last thing you would want is caught unaware by a storm. Hiking or Trekking during the rainy season is not just about managing wet backpacks and clothes, it is much more than that. But the Nature is at its best during this time, lush green forests, meadows burst with colorful wildflowers and the waterfalls are at its loveliest.

Most noteworthy, there are various treks available in India that are recommended to encounter during monsoon to enjoy the beauty around. All you need is smart packing and adopting a proper attitude to learn to love hiking or trekking in the rain. 

The purpose of carrying rainwear is obvious, to keep you dry, it also meant to keep you warm. It is an essential hiking or trekking gear, without which you should never travel. Raincoat and Poncho for rain are the most popular items when it comes to protecting yourself in the great outdoors. A Poncho is a large piece of garment with or without a hood to cover yourself during rain. Usually, a blend of nylon/polyester with silicon is all you need in an inexpensive, waterproof, and durable poncho for rain. 

This essential rain gear may not be considered as a fashion cloth but works perfectly for the purpose, look out for features like a full-front zipper, arm sleeves, and drawstring for fine adjustments. Poncho for rain is designed one-size-fits-all, which means it can fit any shape and size of the body. Other than this many uses make Poncho a good choice for hikers and trekkers:

  • They are quite affordable and easy to repair and maintain.
  • Other than the obvious, Poncho may be used for many other purposes like a hammock, tarp, or awning, groundsheet, .
  • Poncho are light in weight and compact, hence they are quite easy to pack and carry.
  • They are waterproof for the purpose and well-ventilated too.
  • Another use is that it can be used to cover your backpack too along your body. You can wear it backpack during a hike or trek to save it from rain.
  • Wearing a Poncho allows you to sit on wet surfaces too, as it covers up to the mid-thigh section.


Versatility is the key to great travel clothes and a hooded rain poncho is a very useful and versatile item to have in your bag that offers great features:

Water Resistance or Proof: Primarily, this is the only job of a poncho to keep the user dry. The material with which a poncho is created makes it water-resistant or proof. There are various kind of materials used for the purpose, which offers different levels of waterproofing to the poncho.

Windproof: Along with keeping you dry another feature of a poncho is to protect you from the weather. Usually, rain comes with wind in extreme conditions, and a windproof poncho will make sure that you are safe under these circumstances. It is essentially important in cold weather, where the windchill brings down the actual minimum temperature. 

Weight: When hiking or trekking, each gram counts, as you are supposed to carry the weight with you. Hence weight is an important feature when we talk about poncho for rain. But make sure to consider the durability and robustness of its material while deciding on the weight. A light-weight poncho may sound like a plan, but consider it offering other features too for better functionality.

Durability: As mentioned above, durability is a very crucial factor for a reliable poncho for rain during hike or trek. The material which the poncho is made of is important; a robust, resistant to cracks and damage proof is a good bet while hiking or trekking through forests and branches.

Hood & Adjustability: A poncho with a hood and adjustable drawstring offers more safety to the head, as this will stop the water from getting inside and running down your neck. And the ones with adjustability in length allows you to indulge in tasks during your trek or hike which were normally not possible. Therefore, such design details matter and make a lot of difference.

Inner taping: A poncho for rain is supposed to be pushing away the water and features like inner taping along all the stitches ensure that the poncho is 100% waterproof. This leaves no scope of water to enter in and destroy your clothes or backpack and hence keeps you dry and warm throughout.


Now that you have learned a lot about a poncho and its usability, it will be not wrong to mention that a poncho for rain is a useful tool, hence as a hiker or trekker, you should carry it with you. There are a lot of brands in the market that offer a variety of ponchos and features. Check out our recommendations:


Adventure Gears Poncho: It offers total water protection during your hike or trek. This lightweight poncho for rain from Adventure Gears is made up of PVC coated polyester and comes with a pouch to carry it easily.


Versalis Rain Poncho: This Poncho for rain by Versalis comes with a hood and a special pouch to carry the same. It is made up of superior nylon which makes it breathable and water-repellent. The two flap pockets in front lets you store and save products during your hike/trek. Along with the inner tapping along with stitches for total water protection. 


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