Hydrate yourself with Lifestraw when out on a Hike

An essential task of every hike for a hiker is to keep themselves hydrated, especially if the weather conditions are dry as that could add up the level of dehydration. With proper hydration, one’s performance is enhanced during the course of hike, leaving no after effects like weariness & fatigue. Carrying water bottles and especially the ones with filter do help a lot to avoid any such condition & have a joyful hike.

Dehydration or losing out water either through perspiration or urination is a normal phenomenon for human body. And an adult on average loses around 21/2­­ liters water in usual day-to-day life. However, during hiking the dehydration is increased due to the strain that a hiker’s body undergoes to cope with the course & to cater to the additional demand for energy. Insufficient water intake during a hike could lead to weakness, muscle cramps, palpitations or unconsciousness. The situation could become worst in case hiking is being done in extreme weather conditions or for a prolonged duration. Hence it becomes quite crucial to hydrate properly when hiking.

The best way to keep ourselves hydrated on a hike is by regularly consuming some water or any isotonic drink. One needs to avoid aerated drinks and energy drinks as they speed up the dehydration process and contains too much sugar which is not good for the body. Majority of hikers prefer carrying water in a bottle or mineral water bottles. However, carrying too much water is not feasible as it boils down to some extra weight that one has to carry on a hike. Secondly carrying or using mineral water bottles adds up to the already living plastic waste. Hence it is recommended that one carry a water bottle with filter as it could be reused by refilling water from any natural water body on the way itself.


Why Lifestraw?

Lifestraw is quite popular among outdoor lovers for their filter water bottle due to its state-of-art filtration technology. Lifestraw’s passive filters removes 99.99% of bacteria (including E. coli), parasites, dirt & microplastics with the help of hollow fiber membrane in form of small straws that contain microscopic pores of 0.2 microns in diameter. 



The key features that makes it the most preferred water bottle with filter are:

Safe Water to drink – it assures clean & safe to drink water that is bacteria, parasite & dirt free

Reusability – could be used again by refilling from any water source in its tritan container bottle

Long Usage Life – could be used for 4,000 liters of water filtration which means filter would last for atleast 5 years

Easy to Carry – could be hooked to the knapsack or waist belt with its carabiner


Lifestraw as your Hike Partner

Lifestraw GO Bottle - refillable filter water bottle with single stage filtration that provides safe to drink water on the go.

Lifestraw GO 2-stage Bottle – same as above but with an additional activated carbon capsule to remove bad taste, odour & chemical.

Lifestraw Mission – gravity powered water purifier for group hikes with an advanced ultrafiltration membrane that removes viruses too.



So, do keep yourself well hydrated when on a hike by carrying a Lifestraw bottle. Enjoy Hiking!