Get together under the Gazebo Tent in the outdoors

Architecturally, Gazebo is a term given to a pavilion-like structure often built in a park, garden or open areas usually situated at a height to view the surroundings. Usually, it is a freestanding area with a roof and opens from all sides.

On the same lines, Gazebo Tents are structures ideal for barbecues, garden parties, events, festivals, beaches or used to add some shade to your camp setup. They come in a range of sizes and styles and have a canopy. The structure is ideal for a get together with friends and family in the outdoors. It is also referred to as event shelter. 


Multiple Uses of Gazebo Tent

Gazebos are beautiful structures with many uses. You can consider setting it up one for whatever use that you may have. The shapes of a Gazebo can lend itself to many diverse activities, such as:

- Shelter for outdoor spur: A gazebo tent can act as a perfect shelter for outdoor get togethers,  & events like barbeque. You can place some folding chairs beneath to enjoy the evening under the shade. Also suitable for outdoor recreational activities & sports events like cycle rally or cross country gatherings.

- Garden shade: You can set up a gazebo tent to be used as a shade in open-air gardens for people to sit down and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The roof prevents you from the adverse effects of the sun and excessive wind. The stent structure is quite easy to set up and hence the best choice for anyone who is considering a sheltered garden.

 - Beach or Pool side Shelter: A gazebo tent can also do serve as a beach shelter or a pool side shelter as a relaxing station & to observe the nature’s beauty. It can also be used as a dressing room for swimmers can be built next to the swimming pool with side walls.


What to look for when buying a Gazebo tent?

From size to material to additional features you may not have thought of, several things may affect your decision. Read on and make sure you know what’s what. 

 - Shade Area: Think about what you’ll be using your gazebo for - does it need to cover a barbecue, a hot tub, a specific dining set? Make sure you measure those first and choose a model that’s big enough. 

 - Waterproofing: Gazebo tents are often made of polyethene as it’s a waterproof and economical material. These are usually at the lower end of the price range. The polyester material is also waterproof but is better quality than polyethene, and therefore more expensive.

- SPF Protection: Camping in the outdoors requires protection from varied weather conditions. SPF protection is a salient feature to look out for in a Gazebo tent.

 - Water Column: In case you plan to camp during diverse weather conditions, it is always suggested to look out for water column to resist rain. The Water Column of Hydrostatic Head of a product is a measure of the waterproof coating of the outer fabric of the tent.


Coleman Event Shelter

Coleman Event Shelter Pro 4.5 X 4.5 Mtr is the perfect option for campers who need a versatile sheltered undercover space. It is spacious, sturdy, ventilated, water-resistant and extremely reliable with Certified Coleman UV guard that provides SPF 50+ sun protection.


Some of the other features to look out for are:

- It comes with a solid, sturdy and hard-wearing structure to hold through diverse weather conditions and offer increased strength for large structures.

- It comes with a strong steel powder coated frame along with PVC plug connections

- This gazebo tent provides a large shade area of 20.25 m sq and allows hot air to move out from the air vent at the top of the canopy flysheet.

- It can resist light rain as it has a hydrostatic head or water column of 1000mm.

- This Coleman gazebo tent is a laboratory certified to protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays with an SPF 50. 

- In case of uneven surfaces, sand, split, concrete or grass - the Coleman Shelters get assembled easily and offer high stability. 

- Its Fire Retardant material ensures that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will also self-extinguish. in any event of an emergency, this will give you time to escape.

Most noteworthy, if you are planning for a get together with your family and friends in the outdoors, a gazebo tent is surely going to come handy for the purpose.