Experience Camping at Home during Lockdown

Be it solo camping or family camping, the love for outdoors for some of us has nothing relatable that forms the core of our being or rather an indispensable part of our lives. However, during not so good times likes the one that the world is facing currently due to coronavirus pandemic and the counter measure like lockdown take by the government can surely be discomforting for most of the outdoor enthusiasts due to the confinement to indoors. Considering the same, we bring to you some hacks that could help you in experiencing the outdoors typically camping with your travel gears while staying indoors.

As we know that camping does offer a bucket full of benefits including reduction in stress level, socializing with friends & family, building a healthier lifestyle and many more. On the contrary, the need of the hour is to maintain social distancing by staying home and breaking the chain of the pandemic transmission. But one could still experience some benefits of the camping by setting a Home Camp and enjoying the same with family during lockdown. This would surely help the outdoor lovers stay safe yet reap the camping benefits.

When in outdoors, the equipment that one carries plays an important role in enhancing their experience and bringing them closer to the nature while still maintaining the optimum comfort level. In contrast, the indoors are typically already well-equipped ensuring comfortability but missing on the Nature element. With the air pollution levels going down one could now breathe clean air inside cities only. Also, a drastic decrease in human activity within outdoors has allowed creatures to get back to these regions.


Some of the ways to simulate camp like experience while staying indoor are as follows:

Hack #1 – Pitch a TENT inside House

Most importantly, one would primarily need to pitch a camping tent inside the house. An ideal location for the same could be a terrace, backyard garden or simply the living room of the house. By staying in a tent, one would get the similar feel as in a camp. This is also a good activity to keep kids engaged.

Hack #2 – Indulge in CAMP Activities

When in camp, the best way to spend your time wisely is to observe the nature. Likewise, one could indulge in activities like bird watching or star-gazing at night from the tent setup at the terrace or backyard. Also, campfire with some camp games could be a good option to build better understanding within family members.

Hack #3 – Rejuvenate yourself with Camp Furniture

Unpack your outdoor furniture like chairs, cots etc. & set them up in your backyard or terrace garden to sit back & relax. One could use this time to get close to nature or indulge in hobbies like reading while staying away from technology distractions.  


These were few ways with which you could camp at home during this lockdown period. We believe some of us might have already tried some of the hacks suggested above but would recommend exploring more to satisfy the campers instinct as “Once a Camper, Always a Camper”.

Stay Home | Stay Safe ……. Enjoy camping at home!