Importance of Choosing the Right Trekking Pole


Trekking Pole, also known as a Hiking pole, Trekking stick or Walking stick has a sole purpose to provide the trekkers/hikers with stability through rough terrains. It is not a hidden fact that hiking has a consequence on knee joints and leg muscles; the use of Trekking stick helps you balance the load and provides greater stability. It alleviates the stress on leg muscles and knee joints by redistributing the weight. A right trekking pole also diminishes fatigue and improves trail posture.

It is a trekking essential which helps the trekkers create a rhythm that encourages you to stay focused; leads to a relaxed walking, regular breathing and increased stamina. They reduce the bodyweight carried by the legs on every step. A trekking stick also helps people in balancing their hike; different people have comfort zones while balancing along with various levels during the hike. A trekking pole can be accommodating while walking on the soft ground or performing activities such as river crossing etc.


Importance of a Good Trekking Pole

  • It offers stability, balance and helps to gain traction
  • During long treks, the weight starts to catch up slowing, using a trekking stick helps to sustain the body posture
  • Trekking pole helps to elevate the pressure from feet, knees, ankles etc, this bypasses any chances of injury
  • With the help of a trekking stick, you can clear out your path from bushes, thorns, muddy patches etc.
  • Trekking Stick helps in balance management, transferring some weight from backpack and knees to your arms.


Now the question arises that is using two trekking poles better than using one? The answer is two is better as it will give you a better boost uphill and absorb shock while going downhill. Using 2 trekking sticks provides more stability on various difficult parts of the trail.


Trekking Pole-Adventure Gears


While choosing this trekking gear to be mindful of the following:

  • Material: The material used for the trekking pole is either carbon or aluminium. The carbon trekking equipment is the most expensive but with the highest performance. They are lighter in weight in comparison to the aluminium trekking walking sticks. The aluminium trekking sticks are durable but do not dampen vibration. 
  • Foldability & Length: Trekking walking stick offer length adjustment options, this ensures different usability. Single Adjustment poles, double adjustment pole, folding poles are some of the variants available here. This becomes pretty relevant when backpacking for the trek for storability.
  • Tip with Shock Absorbability:The part of trekking pole that touches the ground is called a tip. It is usually made up of hardened steel that can with stand any surfaces to provide the grip. Also the impact of hiking on your joints is minimized with the use of shock-absorbing trekking pole. During long hikes, if you have troublesome issues with your joints, knees and ankles, the shock-absorbing trekking walking stick will have a significant effect on your comfort.
  • Hand Grip & Wrist Strap:The grip style is an important feature of a trekking pole. Cork being the most comfortable grip style, as it molds to your hand over time. A rubber hand grip is useful as rubber is insulating and has vibration dampening property. In case you want a good warm-weather grip without spending a lot of money, foam is a good option. Trekking pole or trekking stick comes with adjustable wrist straps made from nylon or other similar materials along with padding. It helps in holding the trekking gear well without adding stress to your body.
  • Weight: This is essential which choosing the trekking equipment as you have to travel with them throughout the journey.


Like any other trekking gear, a good quality trekking stick is an essential part of your travel. With numerous benefits such as promoting upright posture, strengthens arms, increasing stability, reduce fatigue, by taking pressure off the knees.

Most noteworthy, it is very important to choose the right Trekking pole. So decide for yourself and make the optimal use of it during your next trekking/hiking trip.