Importance of Choosing the Right Rucksack for Travellers

Travelling is a lifestyle! You can be a college student, enthusiastic to create memories with your friends, or someone pierced in the 9-5 vicious cycle looking out to spend some quality time with your family. It offers you a getaway from the monotonous systems and makes you believe that life is so wonderful.

Just pack your bags and get going! Most noteworthy, if you are an adventure traveller, picking the right backpack is an important part of planning your trip. Your rucksack is a staple that will ensure you carry everything that is mandated with ease. There are so many options available in the market that it becomes troublesome to pick the right one.

Choosing the right travel backpack is essential for hassle-free travelling. Here are a few pro-tips for you backpackers to be watchful about while opting for a rucksack:


This is one of the most requisite factors to be considered before buying a rucksack. You would not want a backpack that is inadequate to hold the weight of your stuff and tear off. Hence perceive the quality minutely; the sewing and thread material used.


Water-resistant material is advised for travel backpacks with a rain cover that protects your stuff from getting wet during the travel. Materials like Nylon and Polyester are a durable choice for the backpackers.


The size of your rucksack is directly proportionate to the kind of activity and its duration. For example, if you are going out for a day-time running/cycling activity, a 10-25L rucksack will work. But in case of hiking for a day 20-40 L will be necessitated and backpacking for 2-3 days may require 50-60 L or more.


Rucksacks are manufactured in various shapes and sizes to satisfy each body type. Measure your vertebra till your hipbone; this is the length according to which you should buy the backpack.

Multiple Compartments

As it is said, a great bag should consist of a lot of compartments. It should have a particular place for your water bottle, cameras, laptop, shoes, side pockets, zip pocket for handy stuff, and some internal pockets. This will help to organize well and saves the time to dig around your bag.

Padded belts, straps and back

Padded and adjustable hip belts ensure that the load is managed well and equally distributed. This aids with less strain and some extra support. Similarly, padded shoulder straps and back make carrying more loads comfortable. The pads put less pressure on your shoulders and back. Be mindful of thick padding and that it is made up of single piece material. 


Apart from these some other factors that trekkers can prospect in their trekking bags are front load, lockable zippers, internal frame, the colour of the rucksack etc. Your backpack must pass all these parameters to maximize comfort during the trip. Buying a rucksack can be time-consuming but finding a suitable one is going to do wonders for you.

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Hope you get the best one for yourself. Happy Travelling!