Avoid using single-use plastic water bottles. Switch to Contigo!

Single-use plastic water bottles are impeding our oceans, rivers, streets, landfills and poisoning the air, once they are burned in incinerators.


A recent study found microplastic contamination to be very dangerous. They can enter the human body through ingestion and inhalation where they may be taken up in various organs and might affect health, for example, by damaging cells or inducing inflammatory and immune reactions.


But it’s not all bad news, individuals, businesses and organizations are catching on to bottled water’s negative impact on our surroundings and health and creating changes to forestall this unneeded supply of single-use plastic pollution and microplastic contamination.


Single-use plastic bottles are everywhere, surely there’s no escaping them. They are therefore low cost and convenient that a lot of individuals don’t debate regarding shopping for them daily. This solely adds to the mountain of plastic already destined for lowland sites where they're going to take roughly 450 years to decompose. 


Plastic bottles are represented as ‘single-use’, however many of us can refill plastic bottles multiple times.


Why you would like to ditch single-use plastic water bottles permanently


Plastic Bottles could cause health problems

Many consultants agree that single-use plastic bottles will leach chemicals once used repeatedly. The semipermanent effects of these chemicals may damage your health. One in each of these chemicals is BPA, which has been coupled to endocrine imbalance, fertility issues, and sure sorts of cancer, still as metabolic and vessel diseases. Recent studies have additionally discovered that many standard drinking water brands contain substantial amounts of microplastics.


Plastic contributes to heating

Plastic bottles are principally made up of oil. The oil is 1st extracted from the world and used to create single-use water bottles. This whole method is energy-intensive and, in line with a study, each 1.5-litre plastic bottle produces roughly 200g of greenhouse gasses. 


Plastic harms life

Too typically single-use plastic bottles are found in rivers and oceans wherever they break down into smaller items and are devoured by ocean life. There are lots of illustrations of ocean birds and turtles that have suffocated or died from starvation caused by plastic-filled stomachs. If you don’t wish to visualize to any extent further animals intercalary to the list of species, stop oppressing plastic bottles and begin replenishing an eco-friendly bottle.


Disposable bottles value a lot in the long run

Take some time to calculate what quantity of cash you pay for drinking water every month. Embody the bottles that you just purchase whereas out and concerning, at work, travelling, and at the gymnasium. 


Stainless Steel vs Plastic

Stainless steel isn’t simply higher for your health than single-use plastics. It’s a healthier option and has a lot of properties better than any reusable plastics. Ditching reusable and single-use plastics protects the earth and sets a wonderful example for your peers, family, co-workers, and workers.


The Indian government has prohibited the manufacture, sale and use of known single-use plastic things like plates, cups, straws, trays, and cinnamene from July 1, 2022. 


Contigo TRITAN water bottles are your answer

Tritan is BPA Free and will not leach in any method creating a healthy, clean and safe selection. Tritan has been reviewed severally and approved by the EU Union FSA, US FDA, Health Canada, Japan's HOSPA & Australia's standards. This suggests you will use your bottle knowing it is safe and will not leach once time.


Tritan is hard, hence extending the helpful lifetime of water bottles and food containers, doubtless reducing waste. Tritan has exceptional dishwasher sturdiness, therefore encouraging correct sanitation for larger plastic instrumentation safety. It is way lighter than glass, so creating it is easier to handle while not worrying about breaking.


Tritan is a BPA-free plastic because it is not factory-made with bisphenol A (BPA) or alternative bisphenol compounds, like bisphenol S (BPS). The benefits of Tritan are: It is BPA-Free, impact-resistant, which might be used without concern of shattering.

Some options for you to go plastic-free drinking:


  • Contigo Cortland: Cortland has all the options you already love in an exceedingly bottle – and additional. Its Leak-Proof AUTOSEAL Technology mechanically seals the lid between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. The carry clip makes it straightforward to clip to luggage, backpacks or baggage. The safe drinking spout cowl protects against dirt & germs on the go.


  • Ashland water bottles: It is primarily the Holy Grail of straw water bottles or a minimum of the one which will get everybody in your workplace talking. Offers one bimanual drinking, spout cowl to guard against dirt and germs and a thoughtfully designed straw to urge all to sip. The Autospout lid options a pop-up spout therefore you'll keep your eyes on the task at hand. The Button lock discourages any accidental pressing of the Autospout button. And a convenient carry clip makes it straightforward to clip to luggage, backpacks or baggage.


  • Gizmo Sip: Gizmo Sip is the spill-proof choice for teenagers who have graduated from sippy cups however not the spills. Despite what mess your kid gets into, merely toss the 100% BPA-Free bottle within the prime rack of your dishwasher - and, the lid flips open for straightforward cleaning!


  • Gizmo Flip: This straw bottle comes with an Easy-Clean Lid. The kids get a kick out of pressing a button to open the pop-up straw for easy one-handed drinking, and they will simply push the spout below the duvet to guard the mouthpiece against the weather. Adults appreciate that the straw options have a spill-proof valve.