Adventure Parenting while staying Indoors

It has always been an uphill task for parents to keep their children busy indoors during the sweltering summers. Kids who have been used to playing in the outdoors feel cooped up at home with their unspent energy and parents are wondering how best to keep them busy and entertained, especially while rationing out screen time. Here is a list of activities that bring the outdoors home and keep children engaged while learning some important life skills. With these adventure activities, kids learn to manoeuvre through tasks, challenge themselves, solve problems and learn to take decisions. Adventure activities are pivotal in gaining confidence, growing focus, achieving body-mind coordination, and becoming self-disciplined and these activities are just the perfect way to encourage these in your kids.


These activities would need moderate levels of changes to be made in the house and kids would surely get their share of excitement while staying indoors.

Ask your child to imagine they have come for a camp – away from their homes and parents. You are their Camp Coordinator. Lay out the camp rules on Day 1. Summer camp usually comes with its share of early morning treks or walks up the hill. How do you recreate an outdoor trek inside the house? Use the different rooms of the house to imagine different locations. The bedroom can be the starting point and the living room can be your trekking destination. Imagine the sheer pleasure of accompanying your child in full walking gear from one room to the other. Stack up beddings one on top of the other to create a hilly terrain and watch your kid reach the top and climb down again (can slide down too!).

Arrange a picnic bag carrying goodies and treats to be laid out on a mat so that you can then conclude this morning activity with a nice breakfast with your child.

Build a tent with bedsheets or used old sarees – the same old way most of us grew up playing ‘house-house’. For smaller kids, use a large umbrella and cover it up with a bedcover so that the kids can crawl in and spend a nice day of reading, playing some nice board games or play with their toys from the cosy confines of the make-shift umbrella tent.

Treasure Hunt – arrange some interesting clues to make the children think and learn as they discover where the final treasure would be hidden.

Create an obstacle path for the kids within your home, by using things easily available inside the house like pillows, small tables, upturned chairs etc. A lot will have to be imagined by the child so unleash your creative side and narrate to them stories of how these props are to be imagined to be something totally different like a mine-field, a fence, a tunnel, a cave, imaginary fire on the ground etc.

Encourage your child to read and write daily. When the child is encouraged to write down and capture their daily experiences while being on this ‘fun imaginary’ camp. Documenting daily adventures is a good way to inculcate the love amongst children for writing and recapitulating the day’s proceedings.

Engage children in the daily cooking so that they could explore different vegetables and grains in the kitchen. Making them feel involved goes a long way to their taking responsibility on eating what is laid out on the table without wasting or looking for excuses to avoid eating certain vegetables.

Indulge in the Dark Room game - As the sun sets and the city gets dark, play dark room game where you and your kid are seeking each other in the dark. End your exciting day with a candle-light meal and a narration of some spooky ghost stories for your kids, ensuring they also have a good laugh before they call it a day.


Fun and adventure need not have a specified time, location, or occasion. It can be done anywhere, with anyone and at any time of the day and night. This results in overall personality development from an incredibly young age.

Adventure always begins at home, in the heart!