Key Factors to consider while Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Backpackers can act quite sceptical when selecting a sleeping bag, as they know the significance of the right quality sleeping bag. Your choice of the sleeping bag makes or breaks your sleeping experience. It makes all the variation to a relaxing night’s sleep while you are camping or planning any other adventures outdoor. Hence you need to buy the right sleeping bag for yourself to avoid getting ambushed in cold.

There are various factors that every adventure traveller should consider while acquiring sleeping bags. Most noteworthy, the time spent evaluating the bag is always wise and well-spent. Read the below-mentioned points before you go and buy a sleeping bag for yourself, it is based on when, where and how you plan to use it:


1. Shape: 
There are two basic shapes of sleeping bags: Mummy or Rectangular. The Rectangular or ‘envelope’ shaped bags offer more space with zipping around both sides. They can be unzipped fully and also used as blankets. They are less effective at heat retention hence more apt for indoor purpose.

In the case of Mummy shaped bags, there is better heat retention due to its closed fit. The hood in mummy bags helps keep in the warmth. It also weighs less in comparison to the rectangular bags.


2. Temperature Rating:

The rating that you choose for your sleeping bag depends on the location of usage and also on your comfort of sleeping temperature.The comfort rating is termed as the optimum temperature your body feels warm and comfortable to sleep in. This rating may vary for men and women, as women tend to feel colder in comparison to men.

The Extreme rating is the maximum temperature limit for the sleeping bag post which a person using it can fall prey to Hypothermia which is an alarming situation and would need medical attention.


3. Fill: 

The material that is used to fill or insulate your sleeping bag is another important factor to consider. The nature of the fill in the sleeping bag would define its warmth. And also higher the loft property of the fill is, the warmer is the bag. Sleeping bags are either filled with Down or Synthetic filling.

Down filling is light-weight, easy to compress, excels in cold, dry conditions and durable. While Synthetic is cost-effective, quick-drying, it insulates when wet and non-allergenic.


4. Weight: 

The weight of a sleeping bag is yet another important factor, especially for trekkers to carry. A lightweight sleeping bag is always a good option, but we have to also consider the insulation fill and the shape of the bag. Both these factors are very crucial adding to the weight of the sleeping bag.


5. Fabric:

Sleeping bags usually use Dryloft which is water-resistant and breathable fabric. The outer is made of nylon-ripstop that is highly durable while the inner lining could be polyester for enhanced insulation or combed fibre blend for better comfort.


6. Size: 

Most Sleeping bags for adults and kids come in various sizes. The bag that will fit you well will surely provide better insulation and is more comfortable. There are standard sizes, unisex ones, also specific bags are available for women and kids based on their body shape and sizes. The size of the sleeping bag is a personal choice of comfort and ease.


7. Zippers & Utility pockets:

Sleeping bags are available with right and left side zip openings. It is suggested to choose the one with the opposite of your leading hand which is easier to open. Also, to reduce heat loss, an insulated zip baffle is a good option.
Utility pockets are quite handy to keep your valuables such as wallets, phones etc. tucked in safely while you sleep.


So now you have a better sense of picking a Sleeping bag, plan fun adventures in outdoors beating the cold!