6 Reasons to try Auto Belays at your Adventure Climbing Activity

What is an Auto Belay Device?

An Auto Belay Device is an automatic belay device that prevents the slack within the climbing line while the climber climbs up. If the climber reaches the highest, or falls, the Auto Belay in real-time arrests the fall and lowers the climber to the bottom safely and mechanically. 


Due to Auto Belays, anyone can climb whenever they need, even while there is no belay partner available. With an Auto Belay, novice climbers will target learning climbing techniques and enjoying their sport before they need to master the belay techniques themselves.


Features of Auto Belay

  • Auto Belay offers with a kernmantle rope (lifeline);
  • Auto Belay is equipped with Non-resettable length or distance of use Counter;
  • Offers fall protection and automatic descender in one;
  • Mechanically retracting lifeline;
  • STAR-series proprietary and standard device style.


How to operate an Auto Belay

Before the climber starts to climb, they attach themselves to the line of the device. While ascending, the rope (lifeline) mechanically rolls into the device. When reaching the highest point or whenever they need to descend or within the event of a fall, the climber descends mechanically, at close to one m/s, safely and well. The intensity of use – that is the entire range of descent meters – is set by the counter on the device. The counter offers you the necessary information for periodic inspections and regarding the recognition of your climbing routes.

Auto Belays give a competitive edge, providing substantial edges to climbers and gymnasiums alike. So, whether you are starting a new business or already have a long-standing one that is searching for one thing to excite your membership base, here are 6 reasons to give Auto Belays a try:


  1. Increase your membership: Auto Belay's is unambiguously positioned to assist growth in the game of climbing. Not only will the business get new climbers on the wall quickly, but this will also guarantee your business doesn’t recoil day passes which can result in long-run memberships — particularly after you can instantly provide somebody with the chance to achieve the highest for the primary time and feel a way of joy.


  1. Make full use of the space available: Attributed to the flexibleness to manoeuvre Auto Belays to varied climbing lanes throughout your gymnasium, you will perpetually provide your guests with a fresh look and open up your business to additional climbers. This could extremely facilitate boosting the climbing expertise and building your gymnasium stand out.


  1. Efficient and economical for Group Events: With auto belays existing, you would not like several workers to work birthday parties or host faculty, scout or company teams. Having an auto belay additionally permits you to accommodate more individuals at group events and Auto Belays, especially, will handle most terrains and talent levels. This suggests after you utilize Auto Belays at group events you will lower your overhead, increase your revenue potential and reach all of your customers.


  1. Long-lasting tools: With correct service, these auto belays are and will still run sturdy. In contrast to a friction braking system, magnetic braking technology decreases half wear. This enables the auto belays to keep going. Your business can own an auto belay longer than an individual owns their cars, one recognizes that they have made a good investment.


  1. Offers quick ROI (Return on Investment): An auto belay device helps you gain additional. It allows the business to simply welcome newcomers, while at a constant time making prices for knowledgeable climbers.


  1. Appropriate for both Indoors and Outdoors: Auto Belays are well-suited for both indoors side and outdoors. Whether or not you are getting to interact with yourself in any kind of climbing activity, an auto belay will act as a good companion.


There are numerous businesses that an auto belay is appropriate for like Climbing Gyms, Adventure Parks, Resorts with adventure activities etc. These places will simply benefit from involving an auto belay system in their activities and ripe benefits from constant.


TRUBLUE Auto Belay

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is the next generation of indoor and outdoor climbing wall auto belays. Designed for the climbing business, thousands of TRUBLUEs are in use around the world in climbing gyms, ropes courses, family amusement centres and more.


TRUBLUEs' automatic magnetic braking system is the result of years of analysis, development, and testing. Their auto belay is intended for climbers and designed for safety. TRUBLUE auto belays are designed to fulfil the strictest safety standards, together with in-depth testing by one of the leading certification bodies within the world, TUV/SUD Product Service GmbH.


The TRUBLUE is out there in webbing lengths of 41 feet (12.5 m):

  • Smooth descent:The automatic braking system has nominal variation in descent rate across the user weight vary.
  • Reliability with no sacrificial wear parts: Non-contacting magnetic technology.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Minimal maintenance and low value of possession.
  • Available with four webbing association varieties to suit your facility's wants.


Safety features associated with TRUBLUE Auto Belay devices


  • Meets international safety standards: TRUBLUE is intended for climbers and designed for safety. They tend to design TRUBLUE to fulfil international safety standards for fall arrest devices.
  • Extensive safety testing: For over four years, the TRUBLUE auto belay has undergone in-depth safety testing by an associate ISO 17025 licensed company specializing in product testing.


Hoping that these are enough reasons for you to try Auto belays in your future Adventure Climbing Activities and gain benefits from the same for your business.