5 Best Headlamps for your next Adventure Trip

When planning a hiking or a camping trip, a headlamp is among the most important accessories that you need to carry. Carry it in your backpack, and when it gets dark, you can use it. Headlamps come with a band that you can attach to your head. The headlamp shines brightly ahead in bad light conditions specially in night and keeps you safe by not getting caught in the dark.

The utility of headlamps is priceless when on a camping trip. You’d require a headlamp for your camping trip. It does not matter if your hiking trip lasts for one day or many, or how deep into the woods you go, a headlamp will come handy. When choosing a headlamp, it is preferable to go with the one that is reliable, because you are likely to use it for years at a stretch.


Let us consider the top things you should keep in mind when finalizing upon a headlamp:

Brightness/Intensity (Lumens)

The brightness of headlamps and in general is measured in lumens. The brightness of most headlamps can be varied based upon the environment and your requirements.

If you’ll be trekking in the dark, you’d want to use a brighter headlamp. Alternately, if the purpose of the headlamp is just to help you cook in the dark, brightness won’t be all that important.

LED vs Halogen headlamps

LED headlamps give a white glow. You can go for halogen headlamps if you don’t mind the yellowish light. An advantage of LED headlamps is that they are cooler than other varieties of headlamps.


The range of a headlamp refers to how far it lets you see in the dark. A longer-range headlamp is more useful on trips wherein you move fast.

Non Rechargeable vs Rechargeable Battery

You can also invest in rechargeable headlamps that keep the environment clean and save on batteries. But battery-powered headlamps are more useful for the trips where there is no facility to recharge the headlamps.

Battery Time

A longer battery time comes in handy when the hiking trip lasts for many days.


You can figure out the battery time and weight of a headlamp from its specifications mentioned in product descriptions. Lighter headlamps keep one comfortable and safeguard against fatigue.


Let us take a look at the top 5 headlamps for an absolutely astounding and memorable outdoor adventure trip:

Coleman CXO + 150 LED Batterylock Headlamp

Coleman CXO + 150 LED Batterylock Headlamp makes a prime choice for your camping and trekking trips. Their 3 lighting levels, high, low, and red make the track visible in all lighting conditions. The red lighting level not just appears astounding but is highly functional and useful as well. It enhances the night vision.

The headlamp weighs just 110 gms and the 60 cm headband fits a user’s head nicely. The lighting range is 40/5 meters while the burning time is 5/40 hours. The light output delivered in high and low modes is 150 and 20 lumens respectively. IPX 4 levels ensure a good waterproofing and you can safely use the accessory in a mild drizzle.

This is a battery-powered gadget and comes with 3 X AAA Duracell batteries included.

Ledleser MH8

Ledleser MH8 is an all-round companion for trekking trips. It’s high and low lumen modes are 600 lumens and 20 lumens. That way, one can see clearly for 200 meters ahead or 40 meters ahead, as be the requirement.

The battery life is exceptional. It will keep performing for 40 hrs on the go at the low mode and works for 3.5 hrs on the high mode. The headlamp is an all-weather performer, in high dust and heavy rainfall conditions, with IPX 4 water resistance and IPX 5 dust resistance. It is rechargeable and works on a 5.73 Wh battery. The batteries are 3.7 V rechargeable.

For all its top-grade features, the product weighs just 139 gms. Moreover, the headlamp is removable and can be used as a handheld lamp when the situation demands. A magnetic USB cable charges the headlamp quickly at home. The white, blue, red, and green outdoor lighting options keep your nigh-time outdoor activities covered.

Coast FL75 Headlamp

Coast FL75 is the definitive choice to go ahead with when you are looking for a high performer in headlamps. At 405 lumens, the light is exceptionally bright and lets you see clearly till 459 feet ahead of you. If you are not looking to take any chances, this is the right headlamp for you.

The runtime of the headlamp varies between 2 hrs and 22 hrs, depending on the mode on which you use it. The low mode delivers 53 lumens of light. For its high performance, the gadget weighs just 104 gms. It runs on 3 X AAA batteries and has an IPX4 level water resistance. The headlamp is exceptionally tough.

Coleman Battery Guard 100 L LED Headlamp

Coleman Battery Guard 100 L LED Headlamp is characterized by its high battery life of 7 hours. The light output is 100 lumens such that one sees clearly for 50 meters. It has an IPX4 level waterproofing and features BatteryGuard ™ technology. This safeguards the gadget against discharge and corrosion. You can also use it for daily chores around the house. It comes handy for walking and camping trips. The headlamp features a practicable design.

Petzl Tikkina 2

The TIKKINA headlamp makes a prime choice to go ahead with when you require a headlamp with a wider beam for your camping trip. Your friends can also make good from the light that your headlamp radiates.

Petzl Tikkina 2 is a headlamp with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. You can easily recharge it at your cafe pit stops while at your trekking trips. The lighting that you get from the gadget is standards, 150 lumens. 3 AAA batteries are included with the kit, and the headlamp is reasonably waterproof, IPX4 water-resistant. Overall, the product is reliable and comes with a CE certification. It weighs just 85 grams, which makes it handy. Petzl Tikkina 2 is simple and compact.


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