4 Outdoor Movies to Watch with Your Kids to give them Courage & Confidence

Courage is a common motif in movies often serving as the moral of a story. It is also a vital characteristic that adds to the overall growth of children and it is best learnt in the outdoor classroom. When kids are exposed to traits such as confidence and boldness through adventures embarked upon by others like them, it helps imbibe those traits in them and carry it forward past their formative years. The best part about learning these values is that kids get the opportunity to acknowledge their fears. Acceptance is the foremost step towards overcoming adversity, a lesson they can relate to by identifying with role models which are true to their convictions, stand up for what is right and take on challenges. This ensures an organic understanding of right and wrong. And what better way than the colourful realm of cinema.

So here are 4 handpicked outdoor inspired movies that feature such stories of true grit and determination that parents must watch with their children. High on adrenaline and big on inspiration, these movies are certain to leave your child with a sense of adventure!



Poorna (2017)

Poorna (2017) - Based on the true story of 13 year old Poorna Malavath becoming the youngest girl to climb to the top of the world; Mt. Everest, this film tops our list. Scaling greater heights against all odds is the epitome of adventure and this film captures it beautifully. On top of that, the snow clad vistas of the mighty Himalayan range is certain to spark your kids’ imagination. Parents, be prepared to be asked by your little one to go for a Himalayan trek soon after this!



Maidentrip (2013) - Laura Dekker is an ordinary teenage girl with an extraordinary life dream; to sail around the world alone. And she does it! It might give parents sweaty palms to even think about leaving their children alone for too long, but this real life documentary is a great example of teaching kids to be self-sustained and trusting them to take care of themselves. Not only does this documentary show the epic two year voyage of this young, headstrong sailor, it also highlights how she convinces everyone to let her chase her dream. Laura’s will to explore the world through its circumnavigation on the sea, serves as a role model to both boys and girls.



Alpha (2018)

Alpha (2018) - Set in the hunting era, Alpha is a historical adventure film that takes us through the tumultuous journey of Keda, son of a tribal chief as he makes his way back home after getting separated from his people accidentally. Keda is forced to learn the most crucial lessons of life the harder way as he attempts to survive the wilderness. The film also sheds light on the bonding between humans and animals, as Keda finds companionship in a wolf he injured, an essential lesson for kids especially ones who are scared of pets. A classic coming of age story is just what your kid needs to watch to learn about their instinctive survival skills. 



Eight Below (2006)

Eight Below (2006) - Based on a true story, this movie is an emotional and laboured journey of a man to retrieve his pack of 8 siberian husky dogs in the middle of an Arctic storm. The film brings to life the real time perils one has to face in a glaciated environment right from frost bites, crevices, blizzards to extreme temperatures and icy water. Kids will be inspired to see how much one can endure even in the harshest environments, both animals and humans alike. They will also get a renewed sense of loyalty when they see how far Jack is willing to go to save his dogs, who he considers family(standing up what is right). This touching depiction of the eternal friendship between a man and dog will probably make your kid demand a puppy!


Surely, these 4 masterpieces would inspire your kids & help them boost their inner self with next level courage & confidence with love for outdoors. Happy Watching!