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24 Nov 2018

Outdoor Camping Tent: Choose your Right One

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
One of the best parts of any backpacking is sleeping under a tent roof and waking up after having a peaceful sleep in a truly fantastic location. Once you travel with a tent in your journey, you will find yourself in places you have always dreamed of going.
1 Nov 2017

Choosing the Right Hiking Boots

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
Choosing the right hiking boots is a key process that would decide how your hike would turn out to be. Your dream hiking boots need to sync with how and where you hike. Before you tie the knot, though, you also have to be sure they’re a perfect fit.
14 Oct 2017

Beginner's Guide to Belay Devices

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
Belaying is an important part of every climbing, however it needs proper belay devices in place to carry out the activity with proper precision. This article would cover types of belay devices with their pros and cons.
7 Oct 2017

Get to know about Climbing Ropes

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
When out for climbing, a very important gear of which knowledge is required is a climbing rope. As this would form an important part of the safety mechanism helping the climber to have a safe climb. If you’re shopping for a climbing rope, there are three main considerations
4 Oct 2017

Coleman Stove Caring Tips

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
A cleaner Coleman stove works better and looks better. The benefits of regular cleanings include better fuel efficiency, flame control and no rust or corrosion. Although there isn't a set schedule for cleaning your stove, you should clean it whenever it is dirty or after a boil-over that causes b...
27 Sep 2017

Care and Cleaning of Coleman Coolers

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
Coleman coolers are an essential part of every summer. With their effectiveness to serve your beverages chilled anywhere & anytime, they do help in packing a full meal for several people when planning for some outdoor fun. But once the fun is done, they would need some cleaning to get ready for ...
23 Sep 2017

Choosing a Climbing Helmet

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
Climbing is a popular adventure activity which is carried out both indoors & outdoors. However being a activity full of thrill, it requires proper safety measures to be followed. Out of which head safety is of utmost importance. So climbing helmets form an essential part of the climbing gear kit.
19 Sep 2017

Maintenance Tips for Harnesses

Posted By Team Adventure Gears
A Harness is considered to be the lifeline for safety in any adventure activity as it is that protective gear that safeguards a person from a fall. Being so critical to safety, it becomes really important to properly maintain a harness so that it could be used from time to time without any safety...
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